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Fresh St.Art or Fresh Street Art is an arts project for all people no matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or how good you think that you are or not. 


It started as part of a project for the Brighton Young Offenders Service in 2011 when I was asked to work with young people on reparation orders and introduce art and creativity in to their lives. 


Working alongside Brighton Youth Centre, Audio Active, YMCA DLG,The Synergy Centre, Art in Mind, Hummingbird project, Refugee Youth Service, NHS Sussex Partnerships - Make Your Mark and Hands On and other community arts initiatives, we can offer creative workshops, live art for events and generally brighten up your day with colourful arts projects for all ages.

From Birthday parties to school mural projects and more we are on hand to give you the best advice and cater for your creative workshop needs.


Please use the form below for more information on bespoke workshops.

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"When I ask people if they like art, lots of them say 'yes'. When I ask if they can draw, nearly everyone says 'no'. I believe everyone can draw. Before you had learned how to write, you knew how to draw. Like anything in life it is something that has to be nurtured. It is a skill that can be learned. Practice makes perfect.

Sinna One - Fresh St. Art artist and collaborator.
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